Kendall Square Clinicians

Warmth and Professionalism

While we may use somewhat different approaches, each therapist at Kendall Psychological Associates is committed to the principle of respect for our clients, and each therapy proceeds with non-judgmental careful listening, warmth, and professionalism. 

Ethan Seidman, Ph.D


Dr. Seidman works with a wide range of individuals. His areas of interest include: Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, online addictions, sex/sexuality issues, and blocks to productivity at school and work. Dr. Seidman is a Certified AEDP Therapist and is EMDR trained, and works to integrate those approaches, along with mindfulness practices. Dr. Seidman is the founder and director of Kendall Psychological Associates. He graduated from Wesleyan University and received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He did his internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. He was then a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School for over 10 years.

“I provide a warm, attentive, and interactive psychotherapy relationship that aims to help people deepen their self-understanding, break out of hurtful patterns, and develop new modes of thinking, feeling, and relating to others that will reduce depression and anxiety.”

Austin Brooks, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Brooks’ primary areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, life transitions, interpersonal and romantic relationships, family issues, executive functioning, self-esteem, stress, and phobias. Dr. Brooks uses a collaborative and evidence-based approach, utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches to best match the needs of his clients. These include CBT, interpersonal, and insight-oriented therapy. Dr. Brooks graduated from the University of Mary Washington and received his Psy.D. from William James College. He completed his APA internship at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center and has worked in a variety of outpatient settings before joining Kendall Psychological Associates.

Dr. Brooks has met all criteria for licensure and is currently awaiting bureaucratic processing of his Massachusetts licensure application. He is currently practicing under the license of Dr. Seidman.

“For many individuals, the courageous choice to begin therapy brings up feelings of both hope and apprehension. People are often hopeful about making positive strides in various areas of their lives and at the same time, it can be understandably difficult to take that first step. I have great respect for people who make the decision to begin therapy, and I prioritize working with you to create a safe, genuine, and comfortable environment. I believe in an integrative approach to therapy with individually tailored treatments that are collaboratively determined with each client to best address their individual goals. Whether you’re looking feel better, fix a problem, or simply learn more about yourself, I genuinely enjoy this work and I look forward to helping you along this journey.”

Jeanne Choe-Arrieta, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Choe-Arrieta’s areas of interest include: Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, life transitions, and academic struggles. She is also interested in helping people with the challenges of straddling multiple cultures, and helping immigrants acclimating to life in the U.S.  Dr. Choe-Arrieta works pragmatically and collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals. Her work is integrative, informed primarily by psychodynamic theory and dialectical behavioral therapy. Dr. Choe-Arrieta received her B.A. from Wesleyan University and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University. She completed her internship at Jacobi Medical Center in NYC and worked at the Fordham University Counseling Center as a psychotherapist, supervisor, and outreach coordinator.

“I provide a welcoming, warm, and interactive psychotherapy space. Together, we explore patterns of thinking, relating, and behavior that may contribute to unfulfilling relationships and problems at school or work. Then we work together toward shifts that improve your resilience to stress, and increase your sense of connectedness, agency, and purpose.”

Lauren Dumont, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Dumont works with adults, young adults, and older adolescents. She is trained to work with a wide variety of concerns. Her primary areas of interest include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression (with a special interest in depression among men), grief, difficult family issues, relationship concerns, and life transitions. She has extensive experience working with college and graduate students, and considers this to be a fulfilling specialty area. She also has experience working within corporate settings, and enjoys helping individuals integrate wellness in both their personal and work lives. She utilizes an integrative approach to therapy including cognitive-behavioral, emotionally-focused, and interpersonal therapies. She received her doctorate from Loyola University Maryland and has worked at various outpatient settings including New York University, the University of Delaware, and Drexel University.

“I am a therapist who is genuinely and whole-heartedly myself when meeting with clients. I allow my natural warmth, humor, and caring personality to come through during therapy sessions. While seeking help may come easy for some, I know it is difficult for others. Therefore, I prioritize co-creating a comfortable environment for us to work within. I strongly believe that identifying and expressing emotions, engaging in genuine moments of connection, re-framing problematic thoughts, and building helpful skills are key ingredients to well-being. Together we will design a therapy plan that is unique for you. I truly enjoy the work that I do, and always look forward to meeting new clients!”

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Ben Herzig, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Herzig's primary areas of interest include: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, academic concerns, men's issues, and recovery from trauma. He has a special research interest in issues facing American Muslims. Dr. Herzig graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received his doctorate from Antioch University New England. He did his internship at the Westborough and Worcester State Hospitals and completed post-doctoral training in community mental health at Advocates, Inc. in Framingham.

“As unique individuals, we should all be appreciated and understood from several angles – social, biological, psychological, cultural, and sometimes spiritual – to get the best sense of who we are as complete people. This requires a focus not just on our problems and challenges, but also on our strengths and resources. These aspects of our identities color the way we give meaning to our past, our future, our relationships, and our struggles. Psychotherapy should be a process that recognizes these factors while creating a safe, caring, and creative atmosphere to provide treatment based on sound theory and research. These are the goals to which I aspire as a therapist. I am especially interested in working with young adults, men, people entering therapy for the first time, and individuals who represent the full cultural diversity of the Boston area.”

Amy Mitchell, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Mitchell works with adults, young adults and older adolescents. Her areas of interest include: Relationship problems, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, and family issues. Dr. Mitchell most often works in a solution-focused manner while drawing from interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and emotion-focused work. She also incorporates stress-reduction and mindfulness techniques to provide clients with tools to implement in their everyday lives. Dr. Mitchell graduated from Loyola University and received her doctorate from Widener University. She has worked at the counseling centers of both Swarthmore and Skidmore colleges.

“I believe it is very important to develop a therapy relationship that feels like a good fit. I provide an empathic and nonjudgmental space for people to talk openly and genuinely about their feelings and concerns at their own pace. My approach to therapy is flexible and collaborative as I work with clients to develop a greater understanding of themselves, their relationships, and the patterns in their life that are contributing to their dissatisfaction or distress. People often seek therapy because they feel their regular coping skills are no longer working. I think it is important to provide people with tools to improve self-care, decrease stress, and feel more in control as they work toward the positive changes they would like to see in their lives. I am experienced in working with difficulties related to college and graduate-student life, life transitions, peer and family relationships, grief, and eating issues.”

Wendy Reiser, D.O.

Staff Psychiatrist

Dr. Reiser is our KPA Staff Psychiatrist and is available for medication consultations. However, she is only accepting appointments for patients who are currently in psychotherapy at Kendall Psychological Associates.

Dr. Reiser works with adults of all ages and backgrounds. Her areas of interest include: depression, anxiety, acculturation issues, interpersonal and relationship problems. She has a particular interest in working with young adults struggling to fit in socially. She often uses a psychodynamic approach in combination with psychopharmacologic treatment to work collaboratively with her patients while focusing on their individual needs.

Dr. Reiser graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and received her medical degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency training in Adult Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard teaching hospital. She is Board certified in psychiatry. In addition to her position at Kendall Psychological Associates she is also a Staff Psychiatrist on the Psychopharmacology team in the Outpatient Department at Cambridge Health Alliance, and is a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Jessica Sussman, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Sussman works with adults, young adults and older adolescents. Her areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship problems, healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Dr. Sussman incorporates mindfulness, meditation, and body-awareness exercises into her psychotherapy model. She recently completed a 100-hour Yoga for Emotional Health & Healing certification course geared toward incorporating elements of yoga practice and philosophy into psychotherapy treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma. She also finds value in both cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy and integrates these approaches based on the needs of the individual. Dr. Sussman graduated from University of Connecticut and received her doctorate from William James College, and has worked in various settings prior to KPA.

“People find themselves in therapy when their usual ways of coping are no longer helping, and they feel discouraged or out of touch with how to move forward. My goal is to help clients discover new experiences of themselves and the world around them, so that they are better equipped to tackle life stressors and setbacks when they arise. Whether the focus is on something immediate or longer-term, I help clients set reasonable and achievable goals that will move them toward the life they wish to lead. I work from a place of compassion and patience, and I encourage clients to have compassion and patience with themselves and the process.”